welcoming you back to health

learn how therapeutic massage and craniosacral therapy may help you on your path to recovery.

I think you may find, as I have over the years, that we have an enormous capacity for recovery – we are programmed for health.

Sometimes though, an illness or an injury, some single event, or simply just too much of everything, can throw us out of true to the extent that we can’t find our way back.

Whatever the ailment, these are the times when a Complementary Therapy may be able to help.

Complementary Therapy is meant to do just that, to complement …to work alongside whatever other particular treatments may be needed. Sometimes though this approach may be the one single thing that makes the difference where nothing else has helped.

“I’ve never been well since…” is something I hear a lot from people who find their way to me.

My own personal experiences, initially of Homoeopathy and The Alexander Technique, then of Therapeutic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and other allied disciplines, all continue to support me and to fuel a fascination with holistic health.

With over 20 years in the profession as a therapist and teacher, I continue to be delighted that my way of working can help patients find their way back to health.

My clients range from in age from 0 to 90+ and the delicate approach of Cranial work can be just the right touch at any stage along the way, from the time around birth, with both mother and baby, to the sometimes more fragile states of old age and also at many other moments throughout life.

Massage Therapy and the extraordinary power of touch to help healing, continues to astonish me. I taught massage classes for many years and love to see the transformation in people as they connect with their bodies.

I am now pleased to have a wide range of skills … able to talk over the problems, assess and discuss the needs, and then to work with Massage or Cranial Therapy as necessary, responding to the individual requirement.

It is not unusual for someone to come to me with one particular problem, then to notice that not only is it resolved, but also they feel better overall … often in a way they had long forgotten.

Health is more than just an absence of illness.